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Slovakia already has a relatively well-developed road infrastructure
and is still working to expand it. There is also a network of petrol stations and rest areas,
whose number and location meet the requirements of passengers. To develop electromobility is
sufficient gradual construction of charging stations at existing filling stations.
Cities and restaurants are also interested in building charging stations
accommodation facilities that want to reach a wider clientele, as the number of about 450
There are still many unoccupied charging stations in Slovakia, but
more attractive locations for the construction of electric car charging stations (Eco Auto team,
2018). In addition, in 2018, the first ultra – fast charging station was launched for
electric cars, which achieves 7 times higher power than conventional charging stations
and thus contributes to increased comfort while traveling in Slovakia,
as it can charge an electric car in fifteen minutes.

The approach of the state sector to the development of electromobility in Slovakia is positive,
but we evaluate the application itself negatively. At the national level, strategic documents
aimed at the development of this sector are repeatedly prepared,
but the solution to the problem and the application of specific procedures are approached relatively superficially. The measures
are defined very generally in the documents and there is no plan for their implementation
and control of the resulting effects.

A major obstacle to the development of electromobility is at doba dobíjania
and charging time of the electric car battery. For this reason, we propose the development of such charging stations
and electric cars of such a construction nature, which instead of recharging the electric vehicle battery,
allow it to be replaced with a fully charged battery, as a result of
which the driver is not forced to wait until the battery is charged.

The article was published in the collection “Mercury 2019”, which is published by the University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Commerce.

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